Manage Stress Working FRom Home
Manage Stress Working FRom Home

5 Tips to Manage Work From Home Stress

Novelty to Normality

Barely occupied office buildings up and down the country are a feature of the post-lockdown work landscape.  Whilst in theory we can return to the office, many have chosen to remain firmly in the work-from-home camp, and others may have had this a contractual change as organisations seek to downsize their real estate portfolio.

Either way the novelty of working from home has long worn off as what were “work around” home office solutions have morphed into more permanent arrangements.

For the individual employee, there are obvious upsides to working from home; not least the cost savings associated with commutes, lunches, coffees, and office attire.  And in theory, the time saved on travel can be spent exercising or on other forms of self-care.

But there are also downsides.  Feelings of isolation, loneliness can creep in as days have become months of limited face to face social interaction with work colleagues outside of email, what’s app and zoom.

 If you resonate with these feelings, I have put together this blog, published on  Asset Digest, to help you.  Featuring 5 Wellbeing Tips that you can do from your home/work base to help alleviate the stress of working from home.

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