After 3 years of hospital appointments, pain specialists, and physiotherapy treatment, I’d had enough. Nothing seemed to be working to help my chronic pain & fatigue. I decided to put western medicine behind me and explore alternative medicine. Kate stood out a mile during my research. I loved how she treated people as a whole not just treating the localized problem. During our consultation, she calmly talked through my personal & medical history, always checking in to see if I was ok. She made me feel so safe. And her Clinic is beautiful and less ‘clinical’ than I’d expected! Which helped me calm down. I was so nervous about the acupuncture, but Kate helped me through it, using breathing techniques, calming music, and offering me crystals to hold.

Since beginning treatment with Kate, my pain level has gone from an 8 to a 3/4! I even have pain free mornings! I’m dancing, laughing, and generally enjoying myself again. I feel liberated. I’ve taken control of my well-being, going out for walks, eating more nutritious meals, and practicing self-care daily. The best thing Kate has given me is confidence. Confidence in my body. I feel like I can move again without fear. I finally have hope!

I can’t thank you’ve enough Kate. You’ve literally transformed my life!